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East End Turmeric (Haldi ) Whole 200g

East End Turmeric (Haldi ) Whole 200g


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Whole Turmeric lends a woody aroma and flavour to Dals, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry and Seafood dishes. Turmeric is also known as haldi whole. Turmeric has a strong flavour, aroma, and yellow colour. Turmeric is known as Indian Saffron, since it is widely used as an alternative to far more expensive saffron spice. Turmeric can be added directly to vegetables, meat or add to hot oil just before adding vegetables or meat. Turmeric is a significant ingredient in most commercial curry powder. It is used extensively in Indian dishes, including lentil and meat dishes and in Southeast Asian cooking,
Dried Whole Turmeric is fully dried turmeric root. Dried Turmeric roots are used for Hindu worships as well as in preparation food for bringing delicate flavour and colour to curries and dishes like pulao or pilaf. Dried turmeric root can be ground to make turmeric powder, as well as coarsely ground powder can be used for making Turmeric tea.To retain freshness and flavour store Turmeric in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.


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