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EE Black Sesame Seeds 100g

EE Black Sesame Seeds 100g


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Black Sesame Seeds have a fuller flavor with a slightly nuttier taste along with a more potent aroma than the white or golden seeds. The seeds are resistant to rancidity and have a long shelf life. Black Sesame seeds have a rich, fatty oil. Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the worlds' first spices. Though they are considered a culinary treat in many places, sesame seeds also have various medicinal uses.
Black sesame seeds have sweet and neutral properties and because of this, they are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating kidney and liver problems. Nice crunchy texture, with a slightly bitter nutty flavor. Used extensively in Asian and Chinese cuisine or any other uses similar to hulled sesame seeds. Nice addition for breads, rolls, baking for color contrast. High in calcium. The black sesame seeds are a little bitter compared to the white ones, which have a slightly sweet and nutty flavour.


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