Heera Whole Wheat 500g

Heera Whole Wheat 500g





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Wheat is one of the most important food plants in the world. It is used primarily to produce flour for bread. It is used widely in the production of many other baked goods. In Indian cooking whole wheat is used mainly in making a healthy porridge boiled with honey and milk. Two main varieties of wheat are widely eaten. Durum wheat (Triticum turgidum durum) is made into pasta, while bread wheat is used for most other wheat foods. Bread wheat is described as “hard” or “soft” according to its protein content; as “winter” or “spring” according to when its sown; and as “red” or “white” according to color of the kernels. Hard wheat has more protein, including more gluten, and is used for bread, while soft wheat creates “cake ?our” with lower protein.



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