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India Gate Premium Basmati Rice- ONE PER CUSTOMER PLEASE

India Gate Premium Basmati Rice- ONE PER CUSTOMER PLEASE





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Basmati rice, widely renowned for its long grain and richness, is one of the most precious rice strain in the world. The mesmerizing aroma along with the superior flavour makes basmati rice one of the most popular strain of rice in the world. The price of basmati rice is on the higher side and as such is mainly used in special dishes like pulao, fried rice or biryanis in a common household. A true connoisseur of basmati rice would know that India Gate basmati rice is simply put the best basmati rice. India Gate not only ages its basmati rice for a minimum of one to two years but produces it on the basis of tons of research done under the watchful eyes of Dr VP Singh, who is considered as the ‘father of basmati research’. India gate diligently works towards boosting the quality, improve head rice yields and lower costs, so as to bring a premium product to the masses. It is due to their this continuous effort that India Gate has managed to gain respect and patronage of people not only in India but also abroad. There are several different varieties of basmati rice and each is widely acclaimed for their unique flavour and characteristics.



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