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Indian Red Carrot

Indian Red Carrot


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Due to current situation the market is volatile and the vegetables availability is based on market situation. Our staff will call you if any items are not available in your order. ( Next Day Delivery is recommended for vegetables, leaves ,flowers and frozen items)

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Red carrots derive their colour from the beta carotene, the naturally occurring group of pigments that determines the colour of many fruit and vegetables. Beta carotene are essential to make vitamin A, which are required for a good eyesight. Beta-carotene is most abundant in carrots, it is also found in pumpkins, apricots and nectarines. Another compound called lycopene, the one also found in tomatoes is also responsible for the reddish hue. Lycopene protects our body against free radicals for its high antioxidant properties, putting the risk of heart diseases at bay.


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