Javvathu Viboothi

Javvathu Viboothi





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This 100% natural Javvadhu Viboothi obtained by burning cow dung of Desi Gir Cow along with hay and paddy husk with aroma Javadhu. The blend of natural ingredients gives this white Viboothi a fine and smooth texture and divine fragrance. The Viboothi can be offered to Shivalingum during Abhshek rituals or applied horizontally on forehead with last three fingers which prevents headache, absolves negative feelings and enhances positive energies. It can also be applied as dots between eyebrows, pits of throat and between chest to stimulate the Agna, Vishudhi and Anahata chakras. Vibhuti as a symbolism of renunciation and selflessness is believed to cleanse the sins of the wearer and the person who looks at the wearer.



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