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Heera Ground Chilli Powder

Heera Ground Chilli Powder


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Though originating in Central and South America, chilli powder has found its way into being a major component in Indian cuisine. India is one of the largest producers of chillies in the world. Indian Chilli powders can range from being mildly pungent to fiery hot depending on its classification. All chillies are measured in Scoville Units which determine the level of capsaicin in a particular chilli. Our extra hot is ideal for cooking spicy meat and lentil dishes.
Extra hot chilli powder is a fiery blend of spices- including dried ground chilli peppers, cumin, garlic and oregano-used to flavour chilli and add zest to a myriad of recipes. It is very popular in Indian food and oriental food to add heat to the recipe. Extra hot chilli powder should be used sparingly as it is hotter than the commonly used ones.



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