MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Cuppa Vegetable Upma 80g

MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Cuppa Vegetable Upma 80g


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Breakfast is usually a rushed time and when we need a good meal, we make do with whatever we can lay our hands on. But you can now bid goodbye to those days and add some yummy dishes, thanks to the MTR range of quick fix breakfast mixes. The MTR Upma breakfast mix powder that contains ginger, sugar, anticaking agent, lemon powder, curry leaves and mustard. It also contains real vegetables and various condiments and spices which add flavour, aroma and texture to the dish.
These quick fix breakfast mixes get ready in a jiffy! All you need to do is take a few scoopfuls and cook it for a few minutes as per the instructions. Use hot water to make this dish. It can be taken with sambhar and chutney for a truly yummy meal!



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