Trophy Basmati Rice

Trophy Basmati Rice





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Trophy is another numero uno variety of rice that has extra-long grains and tastes supremely delicious. Dishes made out of Trophy Basmathi Rice have delightful flavor and are uniquely different in taste. Each pack of Trophy Basmati Rice comes to you with the guaranteed quality standards of Trophy products. With Trophy Royale, Trophy Foods brings to you the most special and longest of all the Basmati Rice variety available. Having an average length of 8.00 mm, this rice is specially aged for a minimum of 1 year to help every grain acquire the best of the best Basmati characteristics. On cooking, it becomes exceptionally long and is absolutely non sticky. What's more, it doesn't even break while cooking. The result is an exceptionally appealing food at the dinner table that is simply irresistible.



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