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Uphaar Ragi Flour 1Kg

Uphaar Ragi Flour 1Kg



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Ragi Flour made from the grain Finger Millet. Finger millet originated in East Africa (Ethiopian and Ugandan highlands) and came to India around 2000 BCE. In Sri Lanka, it is known as kurakkan or kurahan. In Tamil Nadu, it is called kezhvaragu. Nachni in Northern parts of India. It is extensively used by South Indian's to make dishes favourable to their cuisine. Health Benefits of Ragi Flour are promotes healthy eating, promotes natural weight Loss, a good vegan gluten free source of protein, acts as a good baby food due to its rich nutrient content, great whole grain source of calcium, high in Iron, low in fat most of which are unsaturated fats, easy to digest. The natural fat content in Ragi is also lower than most other cereals. Making it a popular alternative to wheat.


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